New Idea Policy

Unfortunately, we are unable to consider any unsolicited ideas outside of the Vera Bradley organization. Since the Vera Bradley team is always working on new products, designs and other creative projects, we don’t review any ideas outside of Vera Bradley to avoid confusion over the source of the idea.

We realize that we may be missing out on a few good ideas, but we felt it best to adopt this policy for business and legal reasons.

Resale Policy

We reserve the right to prohibit or limit sales to resellers or other parties who purchase a product from Vera Bradley with the intention to resell that product. We also reserve the right to limit the quantity of items purchased per account, per guest user, credit card, shipping address, person, household or order for any reason.


Counterfeit or imitation merchandise is not comparable in quality and craftsmanship of authentic Vera Bradley merchandise. Vera Bradley believes educating our loyal customers on the best ways to avoid purchasing counterfeit items is crucial if one chooses to buy through channels other than those authorized to sell and distribute Vera Bradley products.

Word of Warning

Purchasing from Vera Bradley’s authorized retailers or through is the best way to ensure that items are 100% authentic. If one chooses to purchase Vera Bradley items from outside these authorized Vera Bradley channels, a few key indicators that items may be counterfeit are:

  • The item is being sold at a price significantly below Vera Bradley’s MSRP
  • The item is available before Vera Bradley’s initial release of the product or pattern
  • The item is being sold from outside of the United States

Intellectual Property

"Vera Bradley" and Vera Bradley's other brand names and logos are registered trademarks of Vera Bradley Designs, Inc. Vera Bradley Designs, Inc. also owns hundreds of copyright registrations for its unique patterns. Using Vera Bradley’s trademarks and logos and reproducing our copyrighted patterns without our permission is a violation of law. Vera Bradley takes these instances of infringement very seriously and works tirelessly by monitoring and pursuing those who infringe our intellectual property and sell counterfeit Vera Bradley products. The sale and distribution of counterfeit Vera Bradley products is a crime and is punishable by imprisonment and significant fines. It is paramount that our customers feel confident they have purchased and received authentic Vera Bradley products.

If you have any information about counterfeit Vera Bradley products or have other questions or concerns, please contact Vera Bradley at